iPermitMail: Testimonials

"I have been using iPermitMail for sometime now and I'm hooked. There is a tangible change in my ability to concentrate and focus now that my e-mail is under control. As a professional, I find it to be an extremely proactive tool for efficient work habits. As an entrepreneur, I am satisfied that new business and leads are still able to connect with me, and as a parent and a human being, I am also extremely relieved to not have to face verbally- and visually-offensive material. Well done."

-Steve Prentice
Bristall Morgan Inc.

“iPermitMail is a great compliment to my PDA. It was easy to configure and provides the flexibility I require in my business. It also saves me significant time and money by only delivering legitimate messages to my PDA. I highly recommend iPermitMail to anyone who uses a mobile device.”

-Greg Sutton
William J. Sutton & Co. Ltd.

“PACART has benefited significantly with time savings and increased productivity since migrating to the iPermitMail system. In addition, it provides the individual users the ability to now control what they receive..It truly revolutionizes how email can be handled; I truly believe this is the way of the future.”

-Mark Starling