iPermitMail: Features

Detailed Statistics

iPermitMail provides in-depth statitics on the amount of spam email that has arrived in your mailbox on a daily basis and the amount of time you have saved using iPermitMail. View up-to-date percentages on your inbox and the percentages of all iPermitMail users for the current month as well as the last month.

Message Center

iPermitMail makes it easy to view held and accepted messages through the Message Centre. With one click of your mouse you are able to permit an email message and add the user to your permitted address list. Messages from this sender will no longer be held and will be sent directly to your inbox.

Address Manager

Quickly add, modify or view your email addresses through the Address Manager in iPermitMail. iPermitMail also provides an easy way to import your existing address book from leading mail programs such as Outlook, Outlook Express, Eudora and Netscape.

Robust Reporting

Detailed reports can be set up through iPermitMail to be sent to your inbox outlining the messages that have been blocked and the messages that have been accepted. These reports can be set up to be delivered at various times during the day.

Personalize Your Preferences

Your iPermitMail preferences can be personalized to fit your individual email needs. Quickly enable or disable functionality with one click of your mouse.

Below are just a few of the tasks that the preferences tab allows you to configure:

- Enable/Disable Adaptive Inheritance

- Permit non-delivery notification messages

- Select the number of days to keep held messages

- Select the number of days to keep messages on Messages List

- Enable/Disable mail forwarding

- Enable/Disable mail vacationing

Manage your account

Quickly and easily manage your account or your entire organizations account online.

The account tab provides the ability to do the following tasks:

- Manage Accounts (Add, Update, Delete)

- Manage Domain Names (Add, Update, Delete)

- Manage Domain Names

- Edit Contact Information

- Account Renewal/Cancellation Renew/Cancel Account

- Change Password