iPermitMail: Snapshot

iPermitMail is a hosted anti-spam solution developed by Internet Light and Power Inc. for organizations around the world. iPermitMail provides several levels of protection from unauthorized bulk email (“spam”). By combining the power of a white list, which ensures that important clients and other contacts will not be blocked, with patent-pending Adaptive Inheritance Technology, users now have complete control over their inbox.

By analyzing and matching each piece of email against a permitted sender database, your organization can be sure that the email you receive is legitimate. iPermitMail can be setup in minutes and requires no software downloads or complex installation procedures. iPermitMail is online and ready to use in minutes.

Download the iPermitMail Product information sheet

How iPermitMail works

When a new email message is received, iPermitMail scans and checks to see if the sender is authorized to send you email.

If the message sender is on your "permitted sender list", the email is sent directly to your inbox.

If the message sender is not on your "permitted sender list", the email is held and the sender is sent an email with a link to a permission request form. Once completed and returned, the recipient has the option to allow or disallow the message sender. If allowed, the sender has the ability to send you email without the message being held in the future.

iPermitMail makes it easy to add users by enabling Adaptive Inheritance, a new patent-pending technology that extends the capabilities of iPermitMail to create a community of accepted email senders (non-spammers).