Internet Light and Power believes the best way to combat the growing spam epidemic is to remain informed. The iPermitMail Resource Centre provides association links, helpful hints, and informative white papers.

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Top Antispam Tips

1. Protect your inbox: Do not give out your e-mail address to anybody you do not intend to correspond with.

2. Use free web mail accounts: For merchants and others you do not correspond with on an ongoing basis, use a free web mail account, such as Yahoo or Hotmail. This way you can keep your primary inbox clean from spam mail.

3. Do not post your address: Resist the temptation to post your email address on websites, chat groups, forums, etc. Spammers often harvest email addresses from these locations.

4. Never answer spam: Never answer spam mail. Most times you will sending the message back to a robot and confirming that the email address is legitimate. This often leads to an increase in spam mail.

5. Opt out: When you sign up for a service or you have purchased a product online from a reputable company, they will provide an opt-out option in the email. This will remove you from the mailing list, if you do not wish to receive any information in the future.

6. Read the Privacy Policy: Make sure you are clear on what a website can and can not do with your email address. If there is no privacy policy on a website, stay clear.

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7 . Use an anti-spam application/service: Following these tips will not eliminate spam mail altogether. You must find a anti-spam solution, such as iPermitMail, to protect your inbox.