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Sender ID is ready for launch

ILAP to release email authentication November 1

TORONTO, ON. (October 14, 2004) – Internet Light and Power (ILAP), an Internet service provider for business, will make available the anticipated Sender ID email authentication technology. Sender ID will be incorporated into the latest version of iPermitMail, ILAP’s anti-spam service. Availability to begin November 1, 2004 through www.ipermitmail.com.

“The best way to deter phishing and spam is to lock it out,” said Tristan Goguen, president of ILAP. “Sender ID will sort through legitimate email from the junk. The reason why spam and phishing continues is some recipients do think such emails are legitimate, or the sender is genuine. Those who use Sender ID can start to trust email again, knowing that the sender is who they say they are.”

Sender ID was a proposed concept and technology standard that is now reality. Email sources will be authenticated to ensure it originated from a legitimate source, such as a recognized bank or e-commerce business. This will filter out random phishing attempts by criminals impersonating such businesses by fraudulently using a legitimate business domain in the “from sender” line.

Sender ID is a combination of Microsoft’s Caller ID and Meng Wong’s Sender Policy Framework (SPF). SPF and Sender ID are part of an Industry collective to find a solution to the spam and phishing epidemic. ILAP’s version of Sender ID originally evolved from location tracking technology that was in development at ILAP’s lab.

iPermitMail is ILAP’s anti-spam email firewall service used by businesses and individuals. Sender ID will be incorporated into the upcoming version. Users will have the option of using iPermitMail and Sender ID together, or independently.

“Email is about to get a whole lot better and I’m thrilled that ILAP is helping the Internet community take a step forward by deploying Sender ID,” added Goguen. “This will be a turning point for email as the collective effort of various online service providers start to roll-out variations of Sender ID and SPF over the next months. ILAP has decided to move early and not deny this feature to those who want it first.”

iPermitMail with Sender ID will be available November 1, 2004. Prices for individual users will be $4.95CDN per month (approx. $3.95US). Businesses, institutions and organizations should contact ILAP about multi-unit pricing. Resellers and ISPs can contact ILAP about licensing and distribution agreements. Additional information about iPermitMail with Sender ID is available on a fact sheet at www.ipermitmail.com .

About ILAP
ILAP is a multi-tiered, Internet Service Provider focused on delivering complete Internet solutions to organizations across North America. ILAP provides a broad range of solutions including Internet Access, Enterprise Messaging, Anti-Spam Software (http://www.ipermitmail.com), Web/Application Development and Web Hosting, Network Design and Network Security. ILAP currently has over 4,500 business customers throughout North America. For more information, visit the ILAP website at www.ilap.com.


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