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New Anti-Spam Solution, iPermitMail™, to Combat $10 Billion Epidemic

Toronto, April 8, 2003- Internet Light and Power Inc, a premier Internet Service Provider, announced today they have launched a new anti-spam product that completely blocks unwanted email to help combat the growing spam epidemic.

With iPermitMail, users have complete control over their inbox. Unlike most anti-spam programs on the market today, which use blacklists or filters, iPermitMail is a permission-based email system that compares each email received against a permitted sender database and either holds the message or forwards it to the user’s inbox. This results in zero false positives, a very high spam blocking percentage, and low maintenance requirements.

“We are very excited about this anti-spam system,” says Tristan Goguen, president of Internet Light and Power. “It eliminates the hassle of handling mailboxes clogged with unsolicited email, lowers the security risks of unknown mail, blocks offensive materials and saves users time and money. I believe this tool will change the way people communicate via email.”

According to Ferris Research, spam will cost U.S. organizations over $10 billion in 2003. This figure is credited to the loss of worker productivity and the additional IT resources used to process the tremendous volumes of spam messages within a corporate network. In addition to the cost associated with spam mail is the growing concern of offensive emails in the workplace, which have legal and moral implications.

iPermitMail provides several levels of protection to help reduce these costs. It combines the power of a white list, which ensures that important clients and other contacts will not be blocked, with iPermitMail's patent-pending Adaptive Inheritance Technology (AIT). This allows users to inherit the permission databases of other iPermitMail users, which significantly lowers the numbers of legitimate users that need to be added to individual lists. Beta tests indicate that iPermitMail blocked more than 95% of all spam mail.

Pricing and Availability
As a web-based application, iPermitMail requires no downloads or software installations. Users pay only $49.95 US/$69.95 Cdn for a one-year subscription (approximately $4/$6/month). This pricing includes all upgrades, updates and support. Internet Light and Power is currently offering a free 60-day trial of iPermitMail for business and home users.

For more information on iPermitMail, visit http://www.ipermitmail.com.

About Internet Light and Power Inc.
Internet Light and Power Inc. is a premier, multi-tiered Internet Service Provider focused on delivering complete Internet solutions. Internet Light and Power services organizations in the entertainment and media, manufacturing, engineering, retail, financial services, arts and education sectors. The company provides solutions for Internet Access, Enterprise Messaging, Web/Application Development and Web Hosting, Network Design and Network Security. Internet Light and Power currently has over 4,500 business customers throughout North America. For more information, visit the Internet Light and Power website at www.ilap.com.

For more information, contact:

Scott Hicks
Director of Marketing


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