Company Information

iPermitMail is a new innovative anti-spam technology developed by Internet Light and Power Inc., a premier Internet Service Provider founded in February 1995. Through constant technical innovation and service excellence, Internet Light and Power has established itself as a leading Internet Service Provider in North America. Our solutions exceed the industry standards for performance and we back these claims with superior Service Level Agreements.

We serve a broad client base in a variety of sectors, including entertainment and media, manufacturing and engineering, retail, financial services and arts and education. Some of the solutions we have provided these organizations range from high-speed Internet access to the creation of online business systems and network security.

Our Commitment

Internet Light and Power is committed to the fight against spam mail. Since 1995, we have invested both time and money into finding a solution for this growing epidemic. iPermitMail, we believe is the solution and we will continue to enhance the product in order to ensure we are always one step ahead of the spamming community.